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101 reasons why I love her
  1. Her

  2. Her blue eyes

  3. Her light brown hair

  4. Her cherry lips

  5. Her flsuhed cheeks

  6. Her small ears

  7. Her cute nose

  8. Her soft skin

  9. Her funny eyebrows

  10. Her beautiful face

  11. Her perfect body

  12. Her elegant fingers

  13. Her tiny feets

  14. Her smooth legs

  15. Her long arms

  16. Her thin waste

  17. Her white stomack

  18. Her modest breats

  19. Her frail frame

  20. Her fantastic body

  21. Her mind

  22. Her fantasy

  23. Her dreams

  24. Her nightmares

  25. Her fandom

  26. Her likes

  27. Her dislikes

  28. Her youth

  29. Her old age

  30. Her wisdom

  31. Her pearls of wisdom

  32. Her clever side

  33. Her stupid side

  34. Her good side

  35. Her bad side

  36. Her voice

  37. Her music

  38. Her movies

  39. Her paitings

  40. Her pictures

  41. Her novels

  42. Her taste

  43. Her favorites

  44. Her ideas

  45. Her creative mind

  46. Her touch

  47. Her kisses

  48. Her love

  49. Her hate

  50. Her annoyance

  51. Her frustration

  52. Her displeasure

  53. Her happiness

  54. Her pleased

  55. Her comfortable

  56. Her comfort

  57. Her sleeping

  58. Her waken

  59. Her laugh

  60. Her steeps

  61. Her smile

  62. Her colours

  63. Her rainbows

  64. Her red

  65. Her blue

  66. Her yellow

  67. Her green

  68. Her purple

  69. Her orange

  70. Her pink

  71. Her brown

  72. Her white

  73. Her black

  74. Her glitter

  75. Her by my side

  76. Her by her loved ones side

  77. Her friends

  78. Her family

  79. Her world

  80. Her language

  81. Her style

  82. Her native tongue

  83. Her native nation

  84. Her bad language

  85. Her way to love me

  86. Her way to hate me

  87. Her way to talk to me

  88. Her way to walk with me

  89. Her way to debate with me

  90. Her way to hit me

  91. Her way to hurt me

  92. Her way to laugh at me

  93. Her way to laugh with me

  94. Her way to kiss me

  95. Her way to hold me

  96. Her way to stop me

  97. Her way to create me

  98. Her way to refresh me

  99. Her way to inspire me

  100. Her 

    101: Her being my reason to live  

★ (2) March 28, 2012
A drop of a rainbow, a piece of a golden heart and strings from the silver moon. That is the recipe of your eyes
We should walk a thousand miles together, and for every step you take, my love for you will grow